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Hi everyone! Here you will find a copy of The Subconscious Speaks PDF eBook that you can download for free! Some of you know me from my YouTube channel, MountainOceanKath, where I have been reading New Thought classics (books and excerpts), affirmations, and more.

The Sub-Conscious Speaks by Paul C. Ferrell

A while ago, I came across the book, The Sub-Conscious Speaks, written in 1932 by Paul C. Ferrell. (Spelled “Sub-Conscious” originally*).

Wow! To say I was pretty much blown away is an understatement. I instinctively knew that numerous other New Thought teachers of that era had to have been inspired by it as well.

The SubConsciouis Speaks original 1932 edition cover
Original 1932 Edition of The Sub-Conscious Speaks

Creating an Audio Book for YouTube

Upon reading it, I felt compelled to read this fabulous (and relatively unknown and under-appreciated) book, for my viewers and listeners at my YouTube channel.

I also noted that the book I read aloud was what we believe to be the first known edition of the book – something I explain in the introduction of the video. I’m embedding the video below for your listening pleasure!

If you would like a little more background to this project, please refer to my blog post here.

In later editions (as I note below), Erna Ferrell Grabe was also given attribution. Anyway, after I read this particular book aloud for my channel, a number of you expressed interest in a PDF version.

Whose “Sub-Conscious” Was Speaking?

It is unknown “whose” Sub-Conscious (as the authors spelled the term) was “channeled” for the book, but now, 90 years later, it hardly matters. What matters is that the content survived. I am blessed that John (my husband) and I own a true first edition – which is the edition from which I read aloud for the YouTube video.

Having said that, I sometimes wonder if perhaps it was Erna Ferrell Grabe’s “subconscious” that was recorded. I say that only because her name does not appear anywhere in the first edition – it only appears later. And that had me pondering whether she did not want to be initially identified as the subject. Unless some archives somewhere uncover the history behind the work, we may never know.

Later Editions of The Subconscious Speaks

The SubConscious Speaks 1932 paperback
A little later edition of The Sub-Conscious Speaks

Most people (and most facsimiles you will find on Amazon) are more familiar with this slightly later edition, which I also have in my library.

This edition of The Sub-Conscious Speaks (pictured at left) also states 1932; however, in this and other editions, it adds “Erna Ferrell Grabe” as an author, and is dedicated to Neil Rasmussen, whose last name was listed in the original edition as one of the publishers.

This particular edition is a little more available – I’ve noticed several on eBay in the past.

Providing the PDF Version of The Sub-Conscious Speaks

I struggled with creating an appropriate PDF version of the book; however, I finally was able to put this together. Not only can you read it here on the page, I have also created a file that is free for you to download. If you find value in this book, and in the effort to create and offer it here at, and only if you feel so inclined to do so, I have provided a couple of ways to donate to support my work here and at my YouTube channel.

I have both a PayPal donation button, and a “Buy Me a Coffee” donation button, below the “Download” link. I am NOT requesting, nor requiring your email address. I have no email list. So, I won’t be able to send you a thank you email – but please accept my gratitude if you do decide to send a donation! I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

No matter what – I truly hope that you find as much inspiration in this book as I have! As I am able, I will be providing other works both here and at YouTube.

Thank you for your encouragement and support. I appreciate you!

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*In the original and other early editions, Ferrell referred to the Subconscious as “Sub-Conscious.” In most cases, I use the spelling “subconscious.”