About Us

MEHi! Welcome to CASedge.com – I cannot tell you how excited I am that you are here. As you’ve probably already guessed, this site is all about “Personal Transformation” and ways to help you get to where you want to be… Before I go into “my story,” I’d like to direct your attention to the video I made, introducing myself and WHY I just had to make this website. The video – the first of many! – is just at the bottom of this page…

For many years now, I’ve been a “seeker” – a seeker of knowledge, truth, God, love, abundance – you name it, I’ve lived my life immersed in it. It has led to great and profound personal transformation for myself along the way.

Actually, I am quite certain that I was born with the desire to be everything that I can be while on this journey we call “life.” Even when I was a little kid, I had a strange dream (I think I was about 4 years old) when I found myself “talking” with some guy in purple robes.

Even though I do not come from a religious family, I still knew my “Lord’s Prayer” that I said before going to bed every night. So, the “guy” in my dream – well, I just assumed it must have been Jesus.

So, in this dream – remember, I was about 4 years old – I asked him, “How should I live my life?”

He answered by putting a little charm bracelet on my wrist – and there were 10 little charms with writing on them (which I couldn’t read) – and said, “Just follow this and you’ll be ok.”

The dream stayed with me – and is still with me. It wasn’t until quite some time later when I thought to mention this dream to my parents (I was a little older by the time I mentioned it). It had bugged me for a few years before I finally thought to mention it. They looked at each other with some astonishment and said, “We gotta get this kid to a theologian.” I figured by that time, that the charm bracelet represented the 10 commandments – but when I found a Bible and looked them up, it didn’t make a lot of sense at the time. Of COURSE I wasn’t going to go out and “covet” anything that wasn’t mine (whatever THAT meant!).

But, I date it back to that dream where I started my spiritual journey. I went to a number of different churches seeking answers to questions that no one seemed to be able to answer.

But I KNEW there were answers. And I was bound & determined to find them.

So… back to CASedge.com.

As a result of my many years of studying different teachings, applying different methods to help me succeed… to help me find my passions… to help me formulate my goals… to help me live life in a way that makes sense to me… I’ve decided to share with you some of the cool things I’ve found along the way.

My goal here at CASEdge is this: I want to help you gain an EDGE in your own personal transformation journey by offering you tools that I’ve located and used so that you will COMMIT, ACT, and SUCCEED in YOUR life.

Commitment + Action = Success in my book.

I’ve studied a lot of “stuff,” including Law of Attraction, teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (Self-Realization Fellowship)… made vision boards (mind movies), goal strategies, meditated, Quantum Jumping, Science of Mind (learning to use my subconscious mind), and a lot more. One thing that is common to all these things is that no matter what TOOLS you buy or books you read, nothing changes unless you ACT. So, we’re going to talk a lot about that stuff in this site.

The following video is one I made in my yard – nothing fancy, nothing scripted or anything… just me, speaking to you, in the only language I know: From the heart. It is my hope that you’ll get a feeling for who I am, and one of the reasons I am here. I’m honored to meet you… In the meantime, here I am!

I want to close out this page with a reminder, in case you haven’t heard about this. If you happened to see the news about Diana Nyad, the famous endurance swimmer, you know that she has done something no one else had ever done: She swam from Cuba to Key West, Florida – 100 miles – without a shark cage – and walked ashore on the afternoon of September 2, 2013.

She did this at age 64, it took her nearly 53 hours and get this: This was the FIFTH time she has tried to accomplish this since the 1970s. She had this dream for more than 30 years. She failed 4 times, but did not give up. She emphasized in an interview afterwards – and this is for all of us – “Find a way.” As she walked ashore – she had three things to say, 1) Never, ever give up. 2) You’re never too old to chase your dreams. and 3) It’s a team effort (in that, I apply that to life, in general).

Her message gave me chills, and I think it fitting to show you a clipping of that message here. Watch it, and then when you are ready to COMMIT, ACT, and SUCCEED – then browse the pages here on my site, find some tools that seem to “speak” to you, and GO FOR IT!

Thanks for reading. And welcome, once again!