How I Create My Product Reviews

Product Review Pros and ConsI would like to explain the process I used to determine whether I like a product or serve  or not – and more importantly, how I determine if I REALLY feel good about recommending it. I do my best to remain objective.

Here are the basics of what I look for – keeping in mind that some features might not apply to each product.

First Impressions: Whenever I use any kind of “law of attraction tool” – or any other type of self-development tool – for the first time (such as Mind Movies or Quantum Jumping for example), I allow myself to “empty” my mind of pre-conceived notions. It’s not always easy to do, because oftentimes I am attracted to a product because of some snazzy advertisement. So, the first thing I do is note my first impression of the product.

Learning Curve: As I learn how to use the tool, I note how difficult it is, or how user friendly it is. How long did it take me to figure out the best way to use and apply this tool?

Delivery: Does the tool live up to its claims? Now, I need to make a note here: I won’t be looking at products that claim to make me a millionaire or help me lose 30 pounds in a week, because those are ridiculous claims to begin with. I’ll be looking at the claims for what the product is intended to help me with. For example, if I’m reviewing Mind Movies, I’ll ask myself: “Does this product create a vision board that I can believe in?” That sort of thing.

Functionality: Does the product/service/software run smoothly? What glitches, if any, do I notice? Does it take any special equipment or tools that I might have to further invest in?

Pros & Cons: No one product can be everything to everyone. What do I notice that are the really great things about it? What could use improvement?

Price Point: Do I feel like the price of the product is fair? Overpriced? Can I weigh the “fairness of price” accurately if I’m feeling it’s too expensive for me, personally? Am I the person that the seller is actually targeting? In other words, a vendor may have a product that “seems” expensive to me, but in reality is a mere drop in the bucket for someone else.  When I look at Price Point, I try to put myself in other peoples’ shoes.

Summary and Recommendation: Finally, I’ll tell you my overall feeling about the product, and who I think would be someone to whom I’d personally recommend the product – even if I don’t feel it’s quite right for me. Again, a product may be right for me, and not for you, and vice versa. I do my best, again, to put myself in someone else’s shoes. I will place a link or banner for you to access that product, and those links will be my sales link.

If you decide to buy one of the products as a result of what I’ve hopefully helped you with, the purchase will be credited to me, and the vendor will send me a commission. I am never given any information about who purchased any product whatsoever, so I will never know who bought through my link. I can only thank you for your business from where I sit, and hope that you do know that I am grateful to all my readers.

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