The Subconscious Speaks – a 1932 Classic!

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The Sub-Conscious Speaks Paul C Ferrell 1932 Audiobook and PDF

Hi everyone! I'm delighted to present a new (and FREE) resource for you: The Subconscious Speaks PDF created from the original 1932 edition, attributed to Paul C. Ferrell (and a little later, Erna Ferrell Grabe). I have dedicated a page here at to this download. 

A little background: In recent months, I've had numerous requests to read certain classic new-thought books aloud on my YouTube channel. 

Somehow, I came upon this little relatively unknown gem, "The Sub-Conscious Speaks" (a number of individuals call it "The Subconscious Speaks;" however, the actual book hyphenates it as "Sub-Conscious").

I read the book, and knew I needed to read it aloud and share with my audience! It's a wonderful book!

Because my husband is a rare book dealer (and I am now as well, through osmosis and spending 25+ years with him!) we happened upon an actual, scarce, and somewhat fragile first edition of the book. This is the text I used in my audiobook.

In today's language, one would say that this was "channeled text" (think, "Seth" or "Abraham-Hicks" for example) - which is possibly one reason why the authors chose to not name the person through whom the "Sub-Conscious" was speaking. 

Those who wish to have a "hard copy" of this book will very likely need to settle for a slightly later edition (still early, and pictured here at the right) or a facsimile reprint - available on Amazon.

(See one on Amazon HERE).

The SubConscious Speaks 1932 paperback

This edition of The Sub-Conscious Speaks also states 1932; however, it adds "Erna Ferrell Grabe" as an author (this was missing from the original edition) and is dedicated to Neil Rasmussen, whose last name was listed in the original edition as one of the publishers. It is possible that either Erna Ferrell Grabe or Neil Rasmussen may have been the "source" of what began "as an amusing experiment" (from the introduction by Paul C. Ferrell); but, we'll never know for certain! 

Little Known Authors - Big Impact on Readers

Until I came across this book, I had never heard of any of the authors involved with its publication. And yet, I was instantly sucked in by the clarity of the writing and the message. Often, when I read books from this era (first half of the 20th century), I find myself getting bogged down by certain names or references by the authors.

For just one example, when reading Genevieve Behrend's "Your Invisible Power" (which, by the way, is in the queue for me to read aloud for the YouTube channel), I have found it necessary to look up a few references: In one passage, Ms. Behrend discusses General Foch and a reference to the Franco Prussian war in 1870 that she presumed her readers would understand (I did not). 

But, this is not the case with The Sub-Conscious Speaks. Evidently whoever's subconscious mind was communicating to us must have known that nearly a century later there would be renewed interest in the material!

To tell you that I had some "ah ha" moments when reading this book to you would be an understatement. There is a clarity and a truthfulness that seems unmistakable as well as comforting. It would not surprise me if a number of other new-thought teachers have this book on their shelves. 

Also, the work of Dr. Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, Florence Scovel Shinn and others of that era compliment the words of this little book.

Volume I - The One and Only Work in Existence

A note on the text itself: On a number of occasions, the "Sub-Conscious" intimates and almost teases the reader that there might be more writings in the future. The title itself on the original edition states, "Volume I." 

Sadly, I have been utterly unable to locate any further work from these authors. My guess, especially in light of the wording changes in the slightly later 1932 volume released by Devorss & Co., is that there never was any "Volume II." 

Also, while I feel pretty well-versed in my abilities to research authors, I have not been able to locate very much at all about the listed authors.

If one of my readers happens upon any additional information about either Paul C. Ferrell, Erna Ferrell Grabe, or Neil Rasmussen, I invite you to reach out to me! It's easy to post something on our Facebook Page HERE.

FormattING The Sub-Conscious Speaks Audiobook

I now tend to include the text for my viewers to follow and read along if they so choose. In my experience, especially when listening to unfamiliar or new content, having some text to follow along with seems to help my ability to absorb the material.

This is the case with this book as well, and will be for additional books going forward.

I hope you enjoy this book, and the books I will be reading in the future.

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