Mind Movies Review

A quick note before I go into this Mind Movies review: here in this update (August 2023) it's only fair to let you know that I STILL love this program! It's fun! I was just in my Mind Movies account working on a new personal movie. 

(BTW: I purchased Mind Movies with my own funds, and was NOT given any consideration or discount - not even a coupon code or anything.)

I use Mind Movies myself, and Joe Dispenza also recommends this visualization tool! It's fun and easy!
Anyway, I was further inspired when I learned that Joe Dispenza (author of "Becoming Supernatural," and "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself") loves using Mind Movies in his workshops! That is wonderful news to me, because I am a huge fan of Joe's work, have read both the books I just mentioned, and regularly practice his meditations.

I have personally enjoyed great advances in my own self transformation efforts over the last several years, and cannot recommend him, or Mind Movies enough. (Here is the Mind Movies presentation) regarding Dr. Joe's work with this tool.

UPDATE: August 2023 - We just added a few pages more about Joe Dispenza and Mind Movies HERE. These pages go into further detail about Joe, and also more about Mind Movies in general!


Highlights of Mind Movies - A "Visioning" Program

Easy way to create a Vision Board.

If you're looking to create a vision board that you can 1) load with the images of the things you want to accomplish, and 2) watch any time on your computer, this fits the bill.

Choose from the pre-loaded images or load your own.

You will like the flexibility here - if you are looking for "conceptual" or "broad" topics, there are literally hundreds to choose from. If you have something very exact that you are envisioning, you can easily upload an image of it into your account.

Music to fit the mood of your movie.

Again, the library has so much to offer. Again, if you have a tune or recorded narration you prefer to upload, you can do that too.

Inexpensive to get started.

Seriously, for under $100, you can't go wrong. And, you are not limited to how many movies you can make. (NOTE: If you do NOT like "upsells" then simply decline each offer you get as you go to check out, and you can definitely keep your purchase under $100!)

Keep them private, or load them to YouTube.

If you want to share your movies, you have the flexibility to load them to YouTube. But, if you want to keep them for your eyes only, simply view them on your own computer in the privacy of your own home. (I had made my first Mind Movie public on YouTube so that others could see how easy it is to personalize it. I have posted it further down this page.)

Free Mind Movies App.

The Mind Movies app you can download helps you stay connected with other like-minded people who, just like you and me, are on a journey of personal development journey.

If you've heard enough, great!

-->  Create Your Own Mind Movies HERE! <--

This is One of My Own Mind Movies!

When I first bought the program, I created a few initial movies as I was learning how to use this cool "virtual vision board." I thought I'd share this one with you! Remember that this is a few years old now (I'm updating this post in September 2022. Since I initially did this particular Mind Movie, many things have changed and evolved in my life - and I have a few different aspirations these days. But, this is a really good Mind Movies example of mine, so I'm keeping it to help illustrate.).

Now (DRUMROLL.......): My full Mine Movies Review

First Impressions

When I first came across Mind Movies, it was from watching a video with John Assaraf, one of the teachers featured in the movie “The Secret.” So, as I update this post in 2022, we're talking quite a while ago! Now, I always liked John Assaraf (still do), and became a fan of the idea of a vision board (still am), which is the concept I first heard about when I watched the movie.

He talked about this cool online vision board software called “Mind Movies,” and I was instantly intrigued, partly because I have taught the concept of creating a “mental movie” in a goal setting book that I wrote a few years ago. This whole concept was something I first heard about from Neville Goddard, another new thought teacher.

When I hopped over the the Mind Movies website, my first impression THERE was, “Oh, no… Really? ‘Attract all the wealth, love, etc in 3 minutes a day?’ REALLY?” I thought, “Hype. Darn it…”

But, I continued in anyway, because John Assaraf liked it, and I love the concept of vision boards. Once I got past the initial flashy headline, I liked what I saw. Now, they have a number of different products beyond the basic Mind Movies vision board program (e.g. Mind Movies Matrix) but for now, I just wanted the basics.

When I saw the demo, I thought, “Cool. I’ll bite.” And so I did.

By the way, nowadays, other teachers recommend this as well - including Dr. Joe Dispenza, as I mentioned earlier, and whose meditations are some of the ones that I've used most successfully. He does a really good job explaining how he uses Mind Movies in his book, Becoming Supernatural.

Thoughts on Learning Curve, Delivery, and Functionality

Mind Movies - Small Learning Curve:

Mind Movies Review - Easy to learn and use

Click the image to visit and learn more about the science behind Mind Movies.

This is seriously easy to use. I signed in to my account, and made my first Mind Movie in about a half an hour. It would have been quicker, but frankly, I was having a lot of fun exploring all the different images, tunes, and affirmations. If you can “drag and drop,” then you can easily use this tool.


The Mind Movies product definitely delivers a sharp looking online vision board. They say, “Get empowered to reach your goals…” and I confess that creating and watching these does feel empowering. They indicate that you really should watch your personal mind movies daily, several times per day for best results. This, I feel, is VERY important. Do not expect to manifest anything at all simply by creating your Mind Movie and then putting it on your desktop only to let it collect dust. USE it!

Click Here To Visit Mind Movies Now


Again, this is a very simple tool – as I mentioned, it’s pretty much a drag & drop application. There are tons of images, affirmations, and music backgrounds you can use in creating your vision board. One thing, however, that I would recommend, if possible, is to make your movie as personal as possible. I discuss that in this article here – for example, if your goal is to have a certain type of car, and it’s not in their library, try to find an image that more closely matches your ideal vehicle.

It is a very simple matter to import your own images, and to add your own affirmations.

The Free Mind Movies App

When I first purchased Mind Movies, there WAS no "app" - and I didn't even know what an "app" was! But now I see this as a free download gift when you purchase the program. You can also download the app through iTunes or Google Playstore.

Mind Movies Pros & Cons:

First the Pros:

  • I love the sleekness of the movie design, and the extreme ease of use.
  • I also REALLY like the fact that I can bring in my own images, and type in my own affirmations.
  • Their own image library is extensive, and I love it as well. Same thing goes for the music. If you read through my other articles about this product, you’ll see some examples as well. This definitely gets my emotions flowing!
  • Once you have created your movie, it's really easy to download to your computer. If you like, you can put it on YouTube as well. I have put a few of mine on my YouTube channel, but you don't have to if you wish to keep your vision personal.
  • From my personal experience, I truly do "feel" more like I'm attaining my goals! It really, really does help me maintain my vision.
  • They offer a full 60 day 100% money-back refund period, which I believe is very generous.
  • It's FUN!
  • Ok, now for the Cons:

    • There are a few upsells along the way. I'm not crazy about upsells in general; actually I REALLY dislike them. Having said that, they can be useful if you want to take things to the next level.
    • There is no "magic bullet" that is going to make your wishes into reality. If you were hoping for some type of magic wand to suddenly turn your vision board into something tangible, it does not exist. Understand that this is a TOOL. You must use your tools regularly. USE them so you continue to be inspired to take actions in your progress towards them. 
    • The only other thing that I found a little awkward was when I wanted to preview my movie before processing the final “take,” I couldn’t just preview a little bit (unless I just haven’t figured that out yet) – I have to sit through all the slides in order to get to the one slide I really wanted to check on.

    Other than that, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    Product Cost and Recommendation

    Mind Movies Price Point:

    At $100 (hint: or $20 less if you try to leave the page before clicking on the “buy” button), I think it’s a very fair price for what you get. You are not limited to just a few movies – you can make as many as you like, and there’s no time frame. I believe most people looking for something like this can afford it. You’d pay a lot more buying a ton of magazines trying to make a physical vision board, and you’d spend a lot more time as well.

    Is there a Mind Movies Alternative?

    While I still think that Mind Movies is probably the best and easiest to use Vision Board creator - at least when it comes to a digital vision board, you can certainly make your own version of Mind Movies. If you want to do this yourself, start by deciding what your "theme" of your "mind movie" 'is going to be (maybe start simple: e.g. envisioning meeting friendly people, manifesting a "minor sign" - for example, a dollar bill, a white feather, heart-shaped object, etc...)

    Then, determine an affirmation you would like to see and say over and over (e.g. "I love meeting friendly people everywhere I go," or "I love being surprised by finding dollar bills," or "I see white feathers everywhere I go," (here's my "white feather" story) or "Heart-shaped objects show up for me all the time!" - You get the idea!).

    Put them into a simple editor, for example, Windows Movie Maker (if your computer still has that), or use the video function on your smart-phone, etc. 

    You can also search the apps on your smartphone.

    The point is, don't delay on working on your personal vision just because you don't have the "official" Mind Movies tool that Dr. Joe (Dispenza) recommends. It's just that it's the one I use, and the one many people in his workshops use.

    I'll talk more about Dr. Joe's recommendations as well, as time goes on. 

    Summary and Recommendation:

    Well, as you probably can see from my other pages on this site, I like the product, and I do recommend it. I’m using it myself, and have shared that very personal one with you here. I will consider some of their other products in the future (such as MindMovies Matrix), but for now, I’m enjoying making my regular Mind Movies, and hope you do too!

    Also, as I mentioned above, Joe Dispenza recommends Mind Movies as a tool to use along with the meditations in his own work. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I first read the chapter about it in his Becoming Supernatural book!

    Click on the link below to take a look!

    To Access Your Own Mind Movies --> Visit MindMovies.com Now!