Florence Scovel Shinn: The Game of Life and How To Play It Audiobook!

Florence Scovel Shinn: The Game of Life and How To Play It Audiobook!

Hi everyone! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was going to begin reading aloud a bit more on my YouTube channel, and since then, I’ve completed a few more books.

In this particular post, I want to talk about “The Game of Life and How to Play It,” a book by Florence Scovel Shinn, an early New Thought writer who actually had begun her career as a book illustrator. If you read my post about my reading of her later book, “The Power of the Spoken Word you may recall that I read the book and divided it into 9 separate videos – 1 per chapter.

After I completed that project, my good friend Martin (who has contributed here at Casedge.com on occasion) kept mentioning that he would REALLY like it if I would read “The Game of Life and How to Play It” – also by Florence Scovel Shinn.

He mentioned it so frequently that a couple of months ago, I finally dug in my heels and did it.

Florence Scovel Shinn’s First Book

I didn’t realize it until I had begun searching for the book, but “The Game of Life and How to Play It” was Florence’s first book, originally published in 1925. As I read the book through for the first time, I was astonished at how many “ah ha” moments I had. Although I am not a newcomer to New Thought writings, I was struck by how intuitive and wise Florence was.

In fact, as I began narrating the book, I had to stop frequently so that I could take notes on some of the points that stood out in each chapter.

As a result (and also by request) I’ll be creating additional videos containing affirmations based on Florence’s work. Indeed, I’ve already created a few! I’ll include those in a future post, but you can already see what I’ve got put together in this playlist.

As was the case with The Power of the Spoken Word, I initially split the book into 1 video per chapter. In this case, there were 10 chapters, so 10 separate videos.

One Long-Playing Reading: Approx 2 Hours

One thing kept bugging me though, and that was whether or not I might be losing listeners by only reading one chapter at a time. So this time, although there are still 10 separate videos, I also created a long-playing video wherein I read the entire book in one video. This means that someone can listen to the whole book in a single sitting if they so choose. It runs just over 2 hours, so it isn’t an unrealistic idea that a few people might enjoy it. I’ll include that video here in this post!

With that said, I also created a play list for the 10 separate chapters here.

Listen to “The Game of Life and How to Play It

I have to say that I truly do enjoy reading these books! I hope you enjoy hearing them!

Listen to Florence Scovel Shinn – Power of the Spoken Word Audio!

Listen to Florence Scovel Shinn – Power of the Spoken Word Audio!

Hi all! I really enjoy reading classic New Thought books, and decided to read Florence Scovel Shinn's classic work, "The Power of the Spoken Word" which was published in 1945. Although the language is a little old-fashioned the message is timeless.

On a whim, I thought that because I love listening to audio books myself, perhaps readers might enjoy hearing the book read aloud as well. So I did just that, and posted the results to my YouTube channel.

I wound up making 9 separate videos - one for each chapter - to make it easier to listen to at your convenience.

Florence Scovel Shinn

More than one of my subscribers have contacted me with a couple of requests:

  • One request is that I put the PDF of the book here on CASEDGE.com - and I'm editing that right now!  July 2020 UPDATE: IT'S DONE! See it HERE - totally free for you to read, download and enjoy!

So it won't be long before I have it in PDF here at the site - it will be a free download. 

(BTW: The book IS available on Amazon if you want to buy a hard copy - see it here.)

  • The other request I've had is to continue recording, and reading more books! I'll do that - at least with some shorter books and/or at least chapters of some longer books when I feel really drawn to the material.

Anyway, as I mentioned, this wound up being 9 separate videos - my YouTube channel is HERE...

But, if you would like to jump right to the 1st video in the series, either click here for Chapter 1, or click on the picture of the video below! I really hope you enjoy the reading, and please stay tuned, because I promise that I WILL have the PDF available for you here very soon! 🙂 

The Power of the Spoken Word by Florence Scovel Shinn - CHAPTER 1

Click this image to jump to the first chapter of the reading!