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Hi! I noticed that a bunch of the great products and services I write about occasionally offer readers discounts, and so I decided to add this page where you can access the savings when these deals come about! I’ll be making sure that the deals work before posting them.

I buy a lot of personal development tools myself, so any time there is an opportunity to save money, I like to do so – and I thought that you would, too! Thank you for your support of this site!

BetterListen! Promo Code (Inspirational and Spiritual Audio Downloads)

BetterListen! is a really cool independent publishing company I’ve stumbled upon that specializes in inspirational and spiritual audio downloads – including mindfulness, meditation, and more. They have fabulous recording by some of today’s great thinkers, including James Hillman, Ram Dass, Dr. Emmett Miller, Robert Thurman, Bernie Siegel, Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hanh, Alan Watts, and more than I can even touch on here.

Whether you are looking for guidance in traditional wisdom or seeking knowledge and inspiration, BetterListen! is amazing! Click the coupon code below and save!

Free Audiobook Download Page!

This deal is from BetterListen! It brings you to their freebies page which changes from time to time! What a fabulous way to become acquainted with this outstanding publisher!

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“The Instant Switch” by Sandy Gilad

Just to be transparent, I haven’t bought The Instant Switch just yet because it just came across my radar. I intend to purchase it soon because it looks very intriguing (if you have been reading about my work with Dr. Joe Dispenza, you’ll know that I love the idea of changing the way my brain is wired!). In case you want to try it but don’t have the $50 or so they are asking, I noticed something that can save you money. Now, although there aren’t any coupon codes, there is a way for you to save about 50% off The Instant Switch. First: When you get to their home page (HERE), you’ll notice a video begins playing.

If you aren’t willing or able to sit through an entire presentation (especially since we don’t know how long it is going to take at first), go to “click out.” You will get a prompt to “Leave” or hit “Cancel.” Go ahead and click “Cancel,” and you will be presented with the text instead (which is easier to scroll through at your own pace).

After a little while, you’ll see the price point, and if you decide to click away, this is where I noticed the BIG savings – at this point, there was a pop up offering the Instant Switch product for only about $24 or so. THAT appears to be the least expensive way for you to try the product at this time. So, again, I will be ordering it myself and reviewing it at some point here! But until then, I did want to give you that info! Enjoy!