Creative Visualization Techniques

Many positive thinkers will tell you that being successful is up to you. How can you believe such a thing when it feels as though failure has nipped at your heels for your whole life? Ask a few people who seem to have always achieved their dreams and find out if they always succeeded. If not, what brought them to this place of happiness? Was it hard work, a bit of luck, or something else? Many very successful people will say that visualization was one of the keys to them achieving their goals.


BeachWhat Is Visualization?

Visualizing something means seeing it in your head. In the ordinary sense one might think of this as picturing any situation, event, or transformation, but also adding a lot of imagination to that picture. With visualization one is encouraged to add as many dimensions as possible to the picture so that it is not just visible but almost real.

One would add smells, sounds, and feelings. He might feel the heat on his back or the wind whipping at his collar. His mouth might be filled with the tang of a citrus drink he just finished or be watering for a meal that is coming. His setting will be totally filled in with buildings, people, landscape, and weather.

You Have to See It to Believe It – OR, You Need to BELIEVE it to SEE It?

There is a saying that one must see some things to believe them (“I’ll believe it when I see it.”). To someone who cannot imagine herself getting through medical school, it is hard to believe in that dream. Other people can get through those tough days and nights of exams, internship, and the many other grueling parts of their many years at university, but not her.

She has always found school work hard and she will never achieve her goal. This kind of negative thinking will kill a dream before it has a chance to start taking shape.

If you see something vividly in your mind you can start to believe in that dream coming true. A medical student could imagine herself in a hospital coat doing rounds at the local hospital or running her own medical clinic. She would zoom in on the badge on her coat with “M.D.” next to her name. The more she does this, the more likely this result seems to be. She feels encouraged, and that encouragement gets her through difficult times.

The late Wayne Dyer actually helped me turn my own thought process around from “seeing is believing” to “believing will lead you to SEEING.”

In other words, you need to have faith that something is going to happen, and BELIEVE you already have it before you actually SEE it in your reality.

I believe Jesus said it in words to this effect: “When ye pray, pray believing ye have it and ye shall have it” (or something like that!)

Quick Note: Introducing the 7 Day Miracle

By the way – As of this update (June 9, 2019) I’ve become aware of an interesting prayer method called the 7 Day Prayer Miracle. I need to buy it myself and try it, because I love things like “30 Day Challenges,” etc – for example, I did a 40 day prayer challenge last November (which ended on Christmas Eve 2018) and I can attest to a number of “miracles” that occurred during that 40 day challenge. So, because prayer and visualization go hand in hand (for me, anyway), I thought this 7 Day Prayer Miracle looked pretty interesting. If you click on the link, and the video starts but you don’t really want to sit through the video, just go to click out of that window and you’ll get an option to “Leave” or “Cancel.” (Or “Stay on this Page”)  If you hit “Cancel” (or “Stay on this Page”) then the text only will come up, and that’s what I did because I didn’t have the time to sit through a full presentation (just give me the nitty gritty please!)

Anyway, I just wanted to throw that in…

Ok, back to creative visualization!

Does Visualization Replace Real Work?

Visualization techniques are not replacements for hard work. Some people believe that one can use visualization virtually to make things happen, as though by wishing for and dreaming about it they can change their reality. It almost sounds like magic. There are strong reasons why one would not wish visualization to be that simple. Things one earns are often more worthwhile and valued for a start.

Where the techniques are especially useful is in changing attitude. Self-esteem comes from believing in yourself, not believing the lies you repeat to yourself about what you can and cannot do. Soon, with enough negativity, the lie becomes truth. You really were good enough, but now that does not matter because you talked yourself out of reality.

With visualization techniques you will create something realistic to work towards.

Enough of the chit chat. Who Can Help You LEARN and APPLY?

In recent years, there have been a number of people that might seem new to the scene in this field. Dr. Joe Dispenza (the “Dr.” title is because he is a Chiropractor) is one. I’m personally enthralled by the guy, and have purchased and read two of his books that have tipped the scales for me. More on that later – but for now, if you want to learn more about him and how his techniques and strategies can help you (and WHY they are effective – which for me is important), check out a few of these links about him.

Here are the two books that I purchased and read. Personally, my favorite is his newest (October 2017) release, called “Becoming Supernatural.” But, that may be my favorite because I had already learned the basics from his earlier (2013) one called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”

Here are links to both:

  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (Available through Amazon HERE – hardcover, paperback, Kindle, audio CD)
  • Becoming Supernatural (Available through Amazon HERE)