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I wrote a little earlier about Burt Goldman, the creator of “Quantum Jumping,” and who is also sometimes lovingly referred to as “The American Monk.” The reason he was given that moniker is because of his past studies under Paramahansa Yogananda – one of my own favorite teachers. While Yoganandaji passed from this life in 1952, some years before I was born, Burt Goldman’s own spiritual enlightenment was well underway.

If you’ve already read some of what I’ve talked about when it comes to Burt, you probably know that I really like him. No, I never met him in person, (and since he passed away in 2020, I'll, sadly, never have the opportunity), but he comes across so warmly, so honestly, and so “purely,” that it would be difficult NOT to like him. 

Introduction & Update

Before I go further, please note that it is June 2024 as of this update. I originally wrote this post in 2015. I am keeping the article intact, with minor updates/edits, and it still reflects my current feelings about Quantum Jumping. In fact, I've just restarted the quest again since some of my goals have changed. Ok, back to the article!  


It was his personality when I first caught him on a YouTube video that drew me in. I had heard of him from a friend of mine who pretty much insisted that I tune in and hear what this guy had to say. Then, I heard the term, “Quantum Jumping,” and that got my attention.

“Quantum Jumping?” What the heck is THAT? Well, as it turns out, it is a pretty cool process that Burt came up with that most closely relates to a type of creative visualization meditation, or – as someone else put it, “meditation for creativity.” But, it’s more than a simple meditation.

It’s kind of a “mental journey” that you take when you participate in this meditation. (NOTE: You can read my full Quantum Jumping Review here.)

Burt did not make up the term “quantum jumping.”  In physics, a quantum jump is when an atom (or molecule or electron) moves from one state to another. I’m not a student of physics, and I don’t really know what a “quantum” actually is. But, I more-or-less understand it in context.

Perhaps you have heard or even used the phrase, “Wow… her career really took a quantum leap after she landed that big contract!”

I love the term. As a visual type of learner, the term described a bit how I actually felt when I first tried it. I was mentally “jumping” or “leaping” into a different time and situation where I met up with my doppelganger, and had a little conversation with her… asked some questions… got some answers…  And it was a very visual thing for me.


I can already hear you saying, “Ok, Kath, you’re off your nut… WHAT are you talking about? Doppelgangers?? Parallel Universes?? You’re going a bit far here… Please explain before I slowly back away to the door…” 🙂

When Burt Goldman begins to explain Quantum Jumping, it’s important to understand a couple of concepts before you start the meditation.

A “doppelganger” is someone who looks just like you, but is not actually you.  A “look-alike.” The word is German, and translates roughly to “double goer.” When Burt uses the word, he is referring to a version of YOU, in a different time or place. An alternate version of you.

When you listen to Burt guide you through your meditation, he will be asking you to visit with “yourself,” from another time in your life. That “other you” is your “doppelganger.”

The reason for this is that when you “meet up” with this other version of you, you can discover what you need to do to find the answer to whatever it is you are seeking.

For example, while you’re practicing this powerful visualization technique, you might want to “visit” with the “You” who is wildly successful, or who has the perfect partner in life, or the perfect job. This alternate “you” might be supremely happy and peaceful.

Whatever it is that this doppelganger of yours has, you want it! And you are going to find out how you got it in this “other” life.

Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman

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And this is the journey Burt Goldman takes you on in this very, very cool journey. And, while you are visiting yourself, you are envisioning a different place and space. And that’s what Burt refers to when he mentions an “alternate universe.”

One thing Burt says, which makes me giggle a little is that “you don’t need to be a mad scientist” in order to do this. What he DOES say – and I agree – is that you need to keep an open mind and heart about it.


One thing that I have found in my studies and practices in my own journey towards self realization and whatever enlightenment I can attain is that a lot of people seem to think that this is a "THIS or THAT" kind of Universe. In other words, it's almost as though some people think that if you believe in or think about or consider one person's teachings, or one religions ideas, that you cannot (or should not) think about or consider anything else.

For example, if you decided that you liked the idea of what the Law of Attraction may have to offer, that you cannot think about or consider any other ideas except "Ask - Believe - Receive."

First of all, we already talked about how this whole "Ask - Believe - Receive" is far too simplistic; however, that's beside the fact. And, I mean no disrespect to Rhonda Byrne (author of "The Secret"), but to think that all you have to do is read stuff by Rhonda Byrne and see all your dreams come true would be utterly ridiculous.

Ok... that's an extreme example. But, you get the gist of what I'm saying.

Second of all, many of the masters throughout the ages have taught similar concepts, only using different methods of communicating their ideas. So very many teachings have similar aspects in common.

For example, I talk a lot about the subconscious mind, since that is of great interest to me. Now, in Quantum Jumping, I believe that much of what the meditation incorporates is one way of impregnating the individual subconscious with the "seeds" of one's conscious thoughts and desires.

Autobiography of a Yogi and Other Books

And, this certainly also incorporates my understanding of the Law of Attraction, which, in my view, is 100% involved with communicating a conscious "desire" (the "seed") to the subconscious "medium" (the "earth" that receives the "seed"), and begins to create the manner in which that seed is to grow and manifest into what was planted.

So, when I am participating in a Quantum Jumping session, I'm feeling a little bit as though the subconscious is "home" to that "alternative ME" that has some answers.


None of what I write about is new or unique. I will say that every person's understanding is definitely unique, and each person's understanding comes in his or her own time. I can hear one teacher talk about stuff like this, and it will go right over my head; however, another person can explain the same stuff in different words, and all of a sudden I have had a major "Ah ha!" moment.

But, regardless of where I get "this stuff," and which teachers and books I study, I have found more and more similarities. Yes... It is most certainly all connected. 🙂 And, I suppose that this is part of what I keep getting so excited about.

Is this making sense to you? I hope so... because once I started to really "get it," I began experiencing so much more fulfillment than I had for years.


Just try it. First of all, it’s fun and relaxing. I enjoy hearing Burt guide me into this place. I had an interesting experience during one of my quantum jumps. Here's the best way I can describe it:

I found myself looking at myself in a home that overlooks a lake. I was in a room that was flooded with sunlight, and the “other me” was standing next to a beautiful baby grand piano that was positioned so that I could see the lake while I sat at the piano. 

My hand was resting lightly on the top of the piano while I stood next to it – lightly stroking the polished wood as I gazed off over the water.

In this particular meditation, I looked at “me” and said, “Kath, what was it that brought you here to this beautiful home and this perfect surrounding? What did you DO to get here?”

The “alternate me” looked back at me with a beautiful smile, and incredibly peaceful eyes, and said, “I wrote from my heart.”

That gives me chills. And, while as I write I am overlooking beautiful mountains (rather than a lake), I can picture it as though it were as real as could be. And, while I love my antique square grand piano that overlooks the mountains while I sit at it (that’s another manifestation story!), I still see a baby grand in my future.

I’m on my way to that lake… I can feel it.

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