Resources for Goal Setting and Manifestation Exercises

For Use with Earl Nightingale's 30 Day Challenge Exercise

If you've listened to Side B of our video recording of Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret" (aka "The Strangest Secret in the World"), which outlines his 30 Day Challenge (see it here), or, watch it below the following image, and are just itching to get started, you can right click and print out the little "index card" jpg I've put here for you!

Note that on the record, the title is actually "Pay the Price," but the entire recording is about what has since become known as his "30 Day Challenge."

Goal Setting Card for Earl Nightingale's 30 Day Challenge

For Use with Roy Posner's 30-Day Challenge

Roy Posner, author of numerous books on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, The Mother (Mira Alfassa), Sri Karmayogi and the international work of Mother's Service Society (, has graciously allowed me to share his words with my readers and YouTube viewers. As a result, we have a growing playlist of videos regarding a number of topics that may be of interest to you. In particular, the practice of "Consecration" (i.e. "offering up" events, emotions, activities, etc in your life to a higher, Spiritual Force) is of great interest to me. 

In the latest video, where I read from Roy's book "The Miraculous Phenomenon of Life Response," (which you can read for free, here), there is a list of personal attitudes that are helpful to "let go of" (and consecrate) when working to attain your goals. These, as Roy mentions, can get in the way of our progress, often without even knowing it!

Here is that list - and right below the image I've added the video of the reading. I hope you enjoy this! If you watch this video, and then the Earl Nightingale 30 Day Challenge (above), I believe you will find a lot in common! Thank you!

Sample Wanting Attitudes to Reverse that Block Achievement and Life Response