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I was just reminded of the Life Visioning Mastery quest offered as one of the fabulous Mindvalley courses, and led by the Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith (founder of Agape International Spiritual Center). Sitting here at the computer, I opened up my day’s emails, and saw a compelling email from Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley.(*This intro was written in 2018. Please see 2024 update below) Before I get into the details, here’s a quick look at what’s in this article:

Mindvalley and Life Visioning Mastery

In the email, Vishen talks about a podcast about finding our life’s vision – basically, HOW to find our life vision. Vishen offers what I believe are some of the best self-development programs in the world (I group it right alongside Joe Dispenza’s transformative books and meditations, in which I am deeply immersed as well).

I’m pretty sure that in another article here at the site, I mention that if I could work with only ONE group for a career, it would be with Vishen Lakhiani’s Mindvalley. Now, he’s a guy who has taken “life visioning” to a whole new level!

Mindvalley courses are extremely well-known for their world class quality, and the company itself is an exemplary model of what customer service should be – no matter what the business is.

Anyway, enough about Mindvalley in general. Let’s talk about Dr. Beckwith’s course.Life Visioning Mastery with Michael Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Quest at Mindvalley

Anyway, all this got me thinking about Dr. Beckwith and his tireless work in helping others do this very thing with finding our life’s vision! In fact, his intuitive Life Visioning Process is now a MindValley Masterclass.

(NOTE – June 2024: As of this update (and since I originally wrote this post in 2018), Mindvalley has updated their platfrom, as well as some of the lingo. Instead of having to purchase individual programs for hundreds of dollars, the Mindvalley model is now that of an annual membership, with “classes” and “courses” now termed as “quests.” I’m making the updates as quickly as I can! It’s a wonderful central platform for all areas of our lives now, and I became a paid member last year (in the summer of 2023). I think you will love it!

Life Vision Mastery with Michael Bernard Beckwith at Mindvalley

The Basics of the Program

If you’ve never heard him speak, Dr. Beckwith has a gentle, yet powerful and unique “presence” and method of delivery that has helped a LOT of people realize that not only do they HAVE a divine purpose in this life, but WHAT that purpose is.

Meditation and “Affirmative Prayer”
  • He guides participants in guided meditation so that you aren’t left guessing, “What am I supposed to DO?” He also guides “affirmative prayer” with the intention of helping us to accept ourselves, and to love ourselves so that we will be able to move forward.
From “Thinking” to “Knowing”
  • Dr. Beckwith’s process also helps us to shift from incessant “thinking” to a more intuitive state of mind – “knowing.”
The “Friendly Universe”
  •  Using the premise that we are part of a “friendly universe,” we learn to understand that obstacles and “stuff” that happens are opportunities for us to use for our greater good.
Stages of Spiritual Development and “Life Structures”
  • He talks about the various stages of spiritual development, as well as how to know what stages we are in (which helps clarify a lot about where we are in our lives), and then he teaches us about how to improve our individual experience by addressing the various structures (“Eight Life Structures”) in our lives through meditation.

Agape International Spiritual Center

He practices what he preaches – and if you need proof of this, look no further than what he has created with Agape International Spiritual Center! Since 1986 the Center has been almost a phenomena in its own right, embracing what Dr. Beckwith terms “New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality.” And where some might consider Agape “non-denominational,” Dr. Beckwith calls it “a trans-denominational movement and community.”

Everywhere you go on his website, you see mention of “visioning.” Agape itself was a product of “visioning.” The spiritual principles and practices you see at his center are the very basis for what Dr. Beckwith teaches in the Life Visioning course. I hope you’ll spend some time on the Agape site to see for yourself the kind of human being is teaching this class.

Also, you will get a true glimpse into his process!

Michael Beckwith – The Secret and Beyond

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith hit my radar in 2006, when I first saw The Secret, that “teaser” film about the Law of Attraction that featured a number of New Thought teachers and practitioners. I say “teaser” because it really did just “tease” me into learning as much as I could about the Law of Attraction in general, and New Thought more specifically.

As of June 2024, it’s been well over 12 18 years (WOW!) since I first saw The Secret, and was introduced to Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, yet my initial impression of him remains solid. If anything, my respect for him has grown enormously. He passion for teaching people that the Universe IS friendly, and that we all have a divine nature is hard to resist.

Why I admire Dr. Beckwith

There are many reasons I admire Dr. Beckwith so much. Almost every single word out of his mouth is in alignment with my own beliefs. It’s no secret that I love New Thought teachings, and am a fan of Dr. Ernest Holmes. Well, in 1985, Michael Bernard Beckwith graduated from the Ernest Holmes College School of Ministry, and he then became a Center for Spiritual Living minister (it used to be known as the United Church of Religious Science).

Shortly thereafter, there appears to have been a somewhat hurtful incident that blocked the way for him to have possibly become a senior minister of a certain church or other spiritual community. In the book I read, he didn’t go into great detail about it; however, it was clearly a time of great change.

And, beginning at a point where he “surrendered” the wondrous process that you are going to learn was born! It was during that and the following year that Dr. Beckwith used his visioning methods and meditation practices that helped pave the way for the manifestation of Agape International Spiritual Center!

Life Visioning Mastery Quest

The actual quest will take you through a total of 7.9 hours in your training over the course of 35 days (or more, if you want to move ahead more quickly) where everything is broken down into 15-20 minute sessions. It includes steps and methods to help you unlock what your OWN gifts are, and to help you discover your potential. If you’ve read through some of my articles here on the site, it won’t come as a surprise to you to understand why I’m so delighted that Dr. Beckwith includes teachings about your subconscious mind! Learn more about the Life Visioning Mastery quest here.

Do I have to be a member or follower of Agape?

No, you do not have to be a follower of Agape – nor do you need to follow ANY spiritual practice to discover your own purpose and vision for your life.

Frankly, any teacher who claims that he or she can only help you if you join a particular movement or center is one I would personally avoid.

Official Introductory Video to the Life Visioning Matery quest:


Try Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning Mastery Quest in Mindvalley

All you have to do is be willing to try Dr. Beckwith’s methods. One of the things about Mindvalley, is that they have a stellar satisfaction guarantee. If you decide to try out the membership, go ahead and join – then start the quest of your choice, and if you try it and don’t like it, you have 15 days to request a refund. Learn more at the Mindvalley membership page here.

Mindvalley offers a 15 day, risk free membership.

This is the 15 Day Risk Free membership statement on the Mindvalley membership page!

Anyway, have a look at this particular quest. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose! You’re obviously here because you’re looking for a way to figure out your own life’s purpose and vision. I don’t know anyone I’d rather have teach me this than the Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith!

Enjoy the ride!

Bonus Treat! A 30 minute Guided Meditation with Michael Beckwith!

Anyway, I just added this wonderful, 30-minute guided Life Visioning Process meditation, led by Dr. Beckwith, right here for you. This way you will get a better feel for his delivery (along with an opportunity to experience his way of speaking). This post continues below the video:

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