Mind Movies

From my MindMovie "vision board" a screenshot of my house2021 Update – I was just thinking about how these days a lot of people are augmenting their meditation practice with Mind Movies. When I first came across this visioning tool, I would never have guessed it would take off the way it has!

Here is my original reaction when I first discovered this!: “Ooooh boy! Have I found something VERY COOL!” Haha! I still love this tool!

Anyway, I think you’re really going to love Mind Movies! I know that I do – but you’re probably already figuring that out.

Mind Movies – a Personal History

What is flooring me about this, is that the IDEA of Mind Movies is not new to me. In fact, I first wrote about this idea a few years ago in a Goal Setting Strategies guide I had created. I won’t take up space in this article about what I was doing in my other life – but I talk about it in my “What are Mind Movies article – which discusses this topic in an entirely different light.

The Importance of Imagination

But, basically, I explained how important the imagination is in creating the life of your dreams, and had offered an exercise which (as I came to later discover) is used in a variety of hypnosis techniques and also in creative visualization techniques in general.

This powerful method of using your imagination is also a key part of Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping exercises. It is also an integral part of creating another visualization tool called Vision Boards, which I first heard about from John Assaraf (and who I speak about at length on my main article about Vision Boards).

Well, today there is a product that is actually called “Mind Movies,” so imagine my utter astonishment the first time I came across it!

The Mind Movies product that we’re discussing here is really pretty much an online vision board creator. And it’s extremely easy and fun to use.

So, instead of physically buying a bunch of magazines and cutting out words and pictures that are important images to you, you make a small video of them instead.

As much as I really do love crawling through magazines and travel brochures, I have a lot of fun making video types of “scrapbooks” and now, “vision boards” even more.

Ok, now let’s talk about Mind Movies, and then I’ll show you an example of how they look and what you can use them for.

I’ll also give you my gut feelings and reactions, including pros AND cons, about my own experience, and will offer a few screenshots to walk you through it.

Get Access to YOUR Mind Movies at: www.MindMovies.com

How To Use Mind Movies

Mind Movie Starting ScreenI’ll talk more about the mechanics of the tool, rather than the psychology behind it – I will cover the REASONS why and how vision boards work in a separate article.

Ok. First, you decide what area of your life you want to work on. For some it might be “health” or “wealth.” You decide. Then, the fun begins!

Once you sign in to your Mind Movies account, you click “Create Video,” and then begin dragging and dropping the photos, affirmations, and music you like into the little boxes below. See the photo off the side for a quick “1 – 2” view.

You can import your own photos if you like, and you can also make your own affirmation if you really want to customize your movies!

Mind Movies – Headings and Topics

There are a number of topic headings in the program, with images under each header. For example, there is “Audacious Goals,” “Business & Career,” Cars/Vehicles/Toys,” “Charity,” “Friends & Family,” “Happiness & Gratitude,” “Health,” Lifestyle,” etc. In the video I made for you, below, you’ll see all the topics they cover.

Affirmations Section

The “Affirmations” section is organized in the same way. There will be affirmations that you drag and drop into the image – or you can write your own. Once you are a member, they give you hints and tips about how to make effective movies that will best suit your purposes.

At the top of the page is a screenshot of one of my own photos and affirmations from one of my “Mind Movie for Wealth” videos. Here at CASedge.com, we talk about prioritizing our dreams and goals all over the place here, and so, to practice what I preach, I put one of my own priorities into my Mind Movie, and that is that “Our mountain home is entirely paid for.” THAT’S something I feel VERY strongly about… (remember, we need to feel strongly about our goals! And, I give you some additional tips in the article about how to create a Mind Movie here.)

And, here is the video I made for you to walk you through the process. It’s quite easy! If you want to try it for yourself…

Get Access to YOUR Mind Movies at: www.MindMovies.com

Pros and Cons of Mind Movies

As with any tool, there are things I love, and things I wish were a little different. Here’s my particular take!


As far as usability, Mind Movies is about as easy as it gets to make a digital vision board. You’ll see in my video below, it’s pretty much “drag and drop.” There are a LOT of images to choose from. I love the fact that you can download your own photos… for example, there is a particular home that I’m VERY fond of, and would love to own. When it was initially for sale, I downloaded a copy of the photo and look at it all the time. So, I included that particular photo in my personal “Mind Movie for Wealth.”

I also appreciate being able to voice my own affirmations when one of the statements in the library doesn’t quite match my own emotions or feelings.


Now, I do have ONE “downside” to Mind Movies. This may not bug you, but it bugged me a little. When I went to order my product, there were a few upsells before I was able to fully complete my order. I have no problem in general with someone asking me if I “want some fries with that,” but for some reason, I felt a little irritated by seeing them this time (I think I really just wanted to jump in and get started).

I might still go back and buy one of the additional products, but I’ll do it when I’m ready.

Other than that, I love the product, and hope you’ll want to give it a whirl for yourself. If you go check it out, you can sign up to receive a few free, pre-made mind movies, which may help you determine if it’s something you want to take a step further.


I wish to make an important disclaimer, because I believe in complete transparency. I have purchased this product and am using it as an independent consumer. I have not been offered any “free” product, nor am I being compensated in any way for using it. I do, however, like it so much that I applied to be (and have been accepted as) an affiliate for them. So, if you should decide to give Mind Movies a whirl, and you use the links that I’m providing, I will earn a commission. And, if this is the case, and you like it, and you buy through my link, please know you’re putting a huge smile on my face, and I thank you very much for your support!