How To Make Mind Movies

This image is from my "custom' Mind Movie about manifesting a Volvo XC90Don’t be intimidated! It’s honestly incredibly easy to learn how to make mind movies of your own. The image to the left is from a custom Mind Movie example that I created to show you. As you might already know if you’ve read some of my other articles in this series about Mind Movies (the product), the concept of creating a mental image of what you want really requires only one tool.

Your imagination. 🙂

That’s right. If we use our imaginations correctly (and couple our imagination with an appropriate, corresponding FEELING), we tap into what we love referring to as the power of our subconscious minds. Now, I write fairly extensively about this elsewhere on, if you would like to review or have an introduction to that topic. But right now I would like to chat a bit about properly using your imagination to get started, and how it fits into the digital vision board product we know of as Mind Movies.

(Quick side note: This online vision board software is the brainchild of Natalie Ledwell and Glen Ledwell, who are seriously high-energy entrepreneurs whose passion for, and knowledge about the Law of Attraction has developed into an impressive suite of visualization tools, of which Mind Movies is the flagship product.)

If you visit the Mind Movies website, you’ll see a very simple, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 illustration about how to make mind movies for whatever it is you are looking to manifest.

This is where I personally feel a little more explanation is needed.

I believe that we need more than a vague idea of what it is we’re looking to manifest. So, here’s the deal – and I PROMISE you that if you do this, you’ll feel that emotion deep within you that is so critical for achieving what you want.

Ok, FIRST: Before you even think about buying this or any other tool, I’d like you to sit down quietly by yourself for a few minutes and think about your priorities. Think about what you think you really want to create in your life – and write some of them down.

Then SECOND: Firmly decide on something you want. Start with just one thing…Something that, when you think about it, brings out a very strong emotion.

Then THIRD: Close your eyes and “pretend” if you must, that you HAVE this thing – whatever it is. (It’s called “fake it ‘til we make it” – or as Wayne Dyer was fond of saying, “You’ll see it when you believe it.”) 

As you are “pretending” that you already have it, close your eyes and “see” yourself as though you’re an actor in a movie acting out this particular success.

How did you do? PLEASE don’t be frustrated if you felt you were unable to “hold” that success image in your mind. Most of us can’t at first. And, yet, as you may have read earlier, this is going to be key to “reprogramming” our Reticular Activating System (RAS) (we’ll talk more about that in another chapter).


If you read or “get” nothing else on this entire website, I really, really need you to “get” this…

Ask yourself the following question, using the example of the “desire” or “thing you want” that you came up with in the exercise above:

QUESTION: Are you actually READY and ABLE to TRULY RECEIVE what you think you want?

You may THINK you are ready to receive it. After all, you WANT it, don’t you?

Dig as deeply as you can.

Do you have any resistance AT ALL – even just a smidge of resistance – to RECEIVING this thing?

Vintage Ford ThunderbirdLet me use an example: Let’s say I want a vintage, 1960’s era  Ford Thunderbird (I have always love T-birds, and have owned a more modern version in the past). Can I see myself tooling around the beach with one?

Absolutely! Yes, I really can picture this.

BUT… and this is KEY: (yeah… I did this exercise myself, and came up with resistance!) But… somewhere in the back of my mind, I had the little annoying voice saying, “Kath, WHERE are you going to KEEP this car? You don’t even have a garage… “

Then I heard,You do realize that where you live you can only drive this thing for 3 months out of the year with the top down…”

Then I heard, “Insurance on this thing is gonna cost some money… Is this little dream car of mine worth it at this time?”

Then I heard, “You are trying to SIMPLIFY your life… Can’t you just go rent a vintage car when you REALLY want to enjoy one?”

Do you understand what happened here?


And, once I heard these “voices” and questions in my mind, I honestly had to tell myself that yes, while it would be fun to have a vintage T-Bird, I’m not as sure as I THOUGHT I was that I want to take care of one right now.

Maybe later, but not right now.

However, I AM ready to accept and receive a Volvo XC90 that I showed you at the beginning of this article. In another article here I’ll share the custom Mind Movie example I made for myself…

Anyway, think about people who say they want to win the lottery. I heard this with my own ears when having a discussion about this with someone: “I would LOVE to win the lottery! But I’d have to deal with people wanting money from me all the time. Besides, the chances are slim to none that I’ll win anyway.”

Oh yeah… THAT person sure sounds ready to receive a bunch of loot, huh?

That person shouldn’t even bother buying a ticket since the thoughts and resistance to the original desire cancelled each other out anyway.

Hopefully you understand this…

I find this all very interesting! And not only is it interesting, it’s important that you search deep within yourself to honestly see if this is one of your true “rockets of desire” as Abraham says when talking about the Law of Attraction.

So, BEFORE you jump into creating your Mind Movies, I strongly suggest that you take the time to have that important discussion with yourself about whether or not you want and are ready to accept and take receipt of that thing you think you want so much.

How to Make Mind Movies

Now that you’ve gotten past the initial exercises, you are now ready to create your own “digital vision board” (because, that’s what Mind Movies are to begin with)!

And, at this point, it really IS as easy as Natalie and Glen Ledwell make it seem.

Decide upon what it is you’d like to visualize and manifest for yourself.

Choose from the images, affirmations, and music that are provided with the program (if you use their images, you don’t have to store anything on your own computer).

Once you have chosen the pictures, affirmations and the background music, you “save” and the “process” the movie. Then, you can easily download it to your computer, your Facebook page, etc. You can even upload it to your YouTube channel.

I created a video demonstration to show you the basic process, and I’ll post it below. I would also like to invite you to check out a more advanced way of creating a Mind Movie that REALLY speaks to your subconscious – and that is using more personalized images and affirmations.

For now, take a look at the demo, and we’ll move on from there. In the meantime, if you’re ready to give Mind Movies a test run, Click Here to Visit!