Custom Mind Movie Examples

Volvo Specifications I WantWe talked about the basics of how to make a Mind Movie in an earlier article; however, once you have mastered the basics of creating your own Mind Movies, you may want to look at customizing your “digital vision board.”

I have found (and this is just me speaking… you may feel differently) that the more personal I can make my visualizations, the better.

For example, in my original attempt to create a Mind Movie, I used mainly photos that the company provides. And, to be sure, they have a LOT of photos to choose from!

So, in that original Mind Movie example, I used one of their images of a Mercedes Benz vehicle. One reason is that I love the look and feel of a Mercedes, and the other was that I thought I was ready for one.

In the article, “How to Make Mind Movies,” you will see an in-depth reason, using the example of a vintage Ford Thunderbird, why I have since changed my mind.

Frankly, the same little voice in my head began to speak to me about a Mercedes as it did about the vintage Ford Thunderbird. Simply put, I’m honestly not quite ready for either car for the reasons I shared with you in the article.

However, I have become quite fond of Volvo cars, and even though I realize that they aren’t quite as sexy as some of the cars my friends enjoy (for example, a good friend of mine enjoys his Nissan GTR more than food, I think… or at least he enjoys it a whole lot more than any other toy I can think of that guys typically like).  🙂

And, I DO love looking at and enjoying certain vehicles – and I do believe that one day I’ll be ready for that Vintage T-Bird or Mercedes.

But, for some reason, I feel extremely comfortable and psyched over the Volvo XC90.

Which brings me to this particular example of a custom Mind Movie.

Volvo DealershipThere are no Volvo dealerships near where I live. If there were, I would have visited them, and asked if I could have my photo taken with my “dream car.” I believe that if you approach people in the right way, they’ll allow you to do something like that. Especially if you let them know that you’ll come back to them when the time is right.

So, anyway, the best I could do was to “build my own Volvo” at the company’s website. I built it right down to the color, type of seats I want, and the type of stick shift I want.

Then, I created screenshots of the parts I could most easily visualize, and used them as my vision board images.

Once the images were loaded, I had the option of choosing from the hundreds of great affirmations provided by Natalie and Glen Ledwell (the founders and creators of Mind Movies).

Meet Mind Movies Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell, and Order Your 6 Free Mind Movies Here!

Again, in this case, I decided that the more personal I could make this, the better. It needed to reflect my true feelings about this car.

Taking my inspiration from Dr. Joseph Murphy of “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” fame, I reviewed a number of chapters from his book “Think Yourself Rich” and came up with powerful statements that sounded like me, and some of the “scenes” I visualize.

This is also something I learned from Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping practices. In his guided meditation, Burt takes us to visit an “alternate” version of ourselves. In one of my “quantum jumps,” I clearly saw myself running my hand along the surface of a highly polished, beautiful baby grand piano. In that “mental movie,” I could “see” the reflection of my hand and forearm as I touched the piano.

This is exactly the type of scene I see myself in when I am introduced to my new Volvo XC90 – the highly polished surface mirroring my hand as I touch it.

For some reason, this mental image evokes a strong feeling for me. So rather than question it or resist it, I am just going with it. I included affirmations that explore that feeling.

Now, keep in mind that this is all applicable to every part of your journey towards personal fulfillment. It’s imperative that you REALLY want to become what you THINK you want.

You’ll see it in the sample Mind Movie I’ve made and share with you here. I think you’ll agree that this is a pretty powerful visualization tool. I intend to create more Mind Movies in this way, and I hope you’ll try it for yourself! Watch the sample Mind Movie here:

Their website: