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Take Action NowYou’re here. Awesome! Time to dig in and get started changing your life. Transforming your life. Turning your life into what you’ve been dreaming about.

There is a lot of information on this website, and we hope it has been helpful to you. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty! Time to take some action!

Remember – You need to make a commitment to yourself. Commit to Succeed in your life. Commit to take Action towards that success.

Let’s start with your personal strategic plan, and your vision for yourself and your future (To READ about it some more, check out those links in the menu above. To GET STARTED, check out the links below).


MAJOR 2023 UPDATE! We are in the midst of a MAJOR revision and edit. Until the revisions are complete, the book is unavailable. But when it is back, you’ll find it here! First of all, I’m extremely pleased to offer you my book, Personal Goal Setting Strategies: A Guide to Understanding & Planning Goals & Objectives. It started off as a small booklet a few years ago because I had career & life coaching students and clients who needed some help. Well, it grew into the 57 page book that it is today, and I hope that you find the practical and no-nonsense exercises as helpful to you as they were to my students and clients earlier. You can check out my discussion about it here, or simply click the button below.


Create a VISION for Yourself.

A few products that help with that are listed in the following links. Please note that if you DO decide to purchase any of the resources through my links, I may receive a commission for referring you if they are part of a referral program. And if you do purchase through my links, I am very grateful for your support of my site! Thank you! 🙂

  • Mind Movies. If you’ve seen my numerous posts on online vision boards and how much I love them, you may wish to try this for yourself! Get the Mind Movies online vision board tool here.
  • Joe Dispenza’s fabulous books are widely available at Amazon (I may officially be a Joe Dispenza groupie now since his work is exceptionally resonating with me these days). I have personally purchased and read the following:
    • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (Get it from Amazon HERE – hardcover, paperback, Kindle, audio CD) – this is the first one I read by Joe Dispenza.
    • Becoming Supernatural (Get it at Amazon HERE) – this is his latest book (released October 2017), and I loved it. Truly, this is one of the most profound books I have ever read. Ever.
  • Real Subliminal makes it super easy to listen to positive messages to reinforce better habits, behaviors and decisions you want to achieve in your life. They offer a number of freebies that you can try as well. Try their MP3 or CDs. This is an exceptionally affordable product, and the company stands behind it with a Lifetime Guarantee. You really cannot go wrong by checking them out. Learn More about Real Subliminal Here.
  • I highly recommend MindValley courses. Period. MindValley courses (called “Quests” on the platform) are accessed via an annual membership. The Quests are of exceptional quality, and the company was created and led by a truly visionary leader, Vishen Lakhiani. We’ll be talking about Vishen and MindValley elsewhere in this site. Once you join, you have 15 days in which to cancel if it doesn’t resonate with you. To get a sneak peak at what they offer, check out the following programs:
  • Read about Burt Goldman and Quantum Jumping here.
  • Access the FULL Quantum Jumping Program by Visiting MINDVALLY HERE or check out the Kindle Version at Amazon here!