Quantum Jumping Review

Now that I’ve been “quantum jumping” into my own parallel universe and alternate reality for a couple of months, I think it’s safe to say I can give a real Quantum Jumping review for you!

Before I go into my standard method and outline, I do want to say publicly to Burt Goldman, if you ever read this: I would love to meet you! You are a real inspiration!

Ok, let’s move on…

First Impressions: When I first heard about Quantum Jumping, I honestly did not even know it was a guided meditation or creative visualization technique. It had such a bizarre name, that I was intrigued enough to just click on it to see what it was. Frankly, it was because I had heard of Burt Goldman being referred to as the “American Monk,” and that he had studied under Paramahansa Yogananda that first interested me.

It wasn’t until I saw a video about Burt and his method for helping us see ourselves via a different type of dimension that brought me to this product. Once I saw the product pitch, I couldn’t help myself. I had to try it.

So, my first overall impression was a little bit of confusion, with a dash of intrigue.

Learning Curve: This is the easy part. There IS no learning curve. Put on some headphones (or not) and just listen. Start at the beginning, so that you hear it from Burt exactly what you are trying to envision, and let him guide you through it. It may take you a “jump” or two to “get it,” but once you know what to expect, you’re all set.

What? Ready to “Jump” in? Great! Find it at Amazon here!

What did I actually FEEL as a result of Quantum Jumping? After I went through a couple of jumps, I knew what to expect as far as the process is concerned. That enabled me to prepare ahead of time, and I formulated a question or situation that I wanted to present to my “alternate self” when I met “her.”

After that first jump or two, the experience was far more profound. I have to say that it gave me chills, and an insight into something that I had not previously considered. Now, I didn’t win the lottery that night! But, I felt a “calm” sort of resolve regarding a direction that I feel I should take.


I don’t want to be misleading and tell you that instantly all my answers to life have been discovered. Rather, I have come to really respect the method of guided meditation that Burt delivers.

Functionality: When you buy Quantum Jumping at their official quantumjumping.com website, the simple version is all web-based, so you won’t need to wait at your mailbox every day looking for a package. You CAN purchase digital AND physical product if you wish (I’m a big Amazon shopper, and found the physical product here). I really like that we are given a choice to buy it from their site or from Amazon. What is nice about this product from their official site is that you are given a member’s area or student area they call your “library”  where your products are waiting and easy to navigate.

If you should decide to purchase anything else through their sales platform, your purchases all go in that one “locker” that’s just for you. Extremely well designed.

Pros and ConsPros & Cons: As far as the “Pros” go, I will say that the company gives more than I thought I would get with such a simple purchase. There are numerous meditation audios and more materials from Burt Goldman in addition to the Quantum Jumping product.

I love Burt’s delivery. He’s not trying to sound like any Guru or anything special. He has a calming way about him – a peaceful kind of delivery that I find appealing. I also enjoy the actual creative visualization technique itself. It’s different than anything I have ever experienced before, and I really enjoy it. It also doesn’t take a whole lot of time out of the day.

Now, as far as the “Cons” go, the fact that it does NOT take a lot of time out of my day brings me to this point: I wish that the time I “spend” with my “alternate self” could be a little bit longer in the guided meditation. I sometimes find myself wanting more! I feel, however, that with more practice, I can do this on my own – or pause the audio for a bit if I’m in a particularly good spot in the meditation.

Price Point: For under $150, you can get the digital program, and for about $197, you can get the digital AND physical program. For the digital version (which is what I personally purchased) I didn’t wince much; however, I have to say that I thought, “Gee, I wish it were ever so slightly less expensive.” But that is probably because I have been buying a lot of self-help products lately so that I can share my results with you. J

Summary and Recommendation: If you are the type of person who enjoys creative visualization techniques, this is one great product. If you don’t get into that as much, you might not like it as much. I am personally a very visual learner, and I thoroughly enjoy working with different aspects of my conscious/subconscious mind. It’s very different from other visualization tools, and if you need one thing to successfully use Quantum Jumping, I would say you need an open mind.

But then, that’s pretty much true of almost all self-improvement tools, isn’t it?

So, if you have an open mind, enjoy using your abilities to imagine the unlimited aspects of life, and you have about $150 to spend (more or less), climb on board!