Is the Law of Attraction a Bunch of Hoopla?

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Commit - Act - SucceedWelcome to a site for Personal Transformation! Here’s an Introduction…

I want to put this introduction here because every single thing that I have mentioned below is something that I have personally felt and gone through. Every single thing. So, at the risk of putting my heart entirely on my sleeve, I’m sharing this with you just in case you may feel  the same in one or more areas. Here goes…


Overall Curiosity about the Law of Attraction etc…

You’re here at because you want a better life, or more to your life than you currently experience. Perhaps you have heard about the “Law of Attraction,” and you’re wondering if it’s for real (for one thing) or how it could possibly work (for another thing).

Maybe you’re curious about various visualization and/or manifestation techniques so that you can do more, get the things you want, and get more out of life in general.

It is possible that you are feeling “stuck” as though you aren’t moving forward. Maybe you are in a bad relationship and want it to be better. Maybe you want a different relationship altogether. Or maybe you don’t have any relationship at all and really want one.

Maybe you think it’s time for a new, different, better job. Maybe you looked in the mirror this morning and didn’t like what you saw, and wanted to change it.

Or, you thought you were overweight and feeling helpless about it.

Perhaps someone said something unkind to you yesterday, and you didn’t feel confident about how to respond. Maybe your feelings were hurt, and you feel the need to be stronger and less sensitive. (BTW – I’ve felt those things in my past, so I figure maybe others have felt that way too…)

Just Cannot Be a “Lemming” or Follower Anymore

Maybe you feel like a lemming… a follower… just doing what everyone else is doing and that’s just not good enough for you anymore! You KNOW… somewhere deep, deep down that there is more to life! You just KNOW it! You could practically SCREAM because you are so darned frustrated that you MUST FIND A WAY out of this rut. Out of this mediocre existence.


But HOW??? How to get that SOMETHING MORE? What do you do? Who do you talk to? Where do you go? What book or books or movies or tools should you use? What’s good to use and what’s garbage? What is real, and what is snake oil?

When Frustration Leads to Looking for Help

People keep talking about “visualizing” your desired outcome; but, you’re practically yelling now: I don’t even know WHAT I want for my desired outcome!!” You may be yelling, “For the love of all that is Holy, will SOMEONE please help me???”

So, what does this have to do with the Law of Attraction?

What IS Law of Attraction anyway?

Ok. Let’s switch gears. That last rant was a little louder than I expected it to be. Sorry… but this is stuff I really, really care about.

So, as I mentioned earlier, maybe you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, and you liked the way it sounded. But it sounded a little bit too … uh… “foo foo fluffy” or “pop culture-ish” – not really for real.

Beyond “The Secret”

THE-SECRETRemember “The Secret?”

In 2006, a movie made headlines around the globe – you may have heard of “The Secret,” which was created and produced by Rhonda Byrne. Perhaps you have seen it. I’ve seen it. I own more than one copy, plus the book on CD. For millions of people, The Secret introduced the concept, or principle of the Law of Attraction for the first time.

We’ll explore this topic in depth on other pages in this site; but as a quick “caption,” the Law of Attraction is a universal principle that “like attracts like.”

For a very brief example, and this is the primary example used throughout the film: If you focus on what you desire, and put that desire “out there” into the “Universe,” you will “attract” the circumstances through which your desire will come true.

Oooh! Sounds good, doesn’t it? 🙂 Sign me right up! Here’s my list of stuff I want….

Uh… I think there’s more to Universal Laws than “The Secret” described

As you probably have guessed, there’s quite a bit more to it than that, and true and lasting personal transformation is about more than “stuff.” And while The Secret did a nice job bringing this whole idea into the mainstream, it really does take more than a movie to fully understand, absorb, and then apply the nuances of the Law of Attraction.

And, there are more “laws” governing our Universe than just the Law of Attraction (for example, remember the “Law of Gravity?” You can focus on being able to fly all you want, but if you jump out of a tree and flap your arms – no matter what you have “focused” on – the Law of Gravity is still going to pull you down. I used to try this off my parents front steps all the time when I was a kid; so I know all about gravity…)

Universal principles cannot be changed.

All we, as humans, can do is learn how to correctly use the laws that govern our universe. The laws work the same way for everyone, and the Divine Consciousness that created these laws does not differentiate between or favor one person over another. We are all completely equal as far as the Universe (or Divine Consciousness, or God, or whatever you prefer to call It) is concerned.

It is how we, as individuals, use the laws that will determine our outcomes.

One of my favorite sources on the topic of the Law of Attraction is the work of Ernest Holmes, whose books “The Science of Mind” and “Living the Science of Mind” are my constant companions. I will be citing frequently from these, and other works, that will definitely help you understand the concept of the Law of Attraction.

Anyway, we’ll explore this topic in detail here on this site.

So, what about all this “visualization” stuff I hear about?

dream of music successI’ve gotten pretty good about visualization – and, you may not know it consciously, but so are you! Most of us think in “pictures.” Whenever you think about something, say, like “going out to dinner at that great little restaurant on the corner,” you “see” that restaurant in your mind’s eye.

So far so good?

Ok, now let’s take that idea and expand upon it. What if you could learn to consciously summon up and maintain “pictures” in your mind of the life you really want?

Remember “Creative Visualization” by the late Shakti Gawain?

In 1978, the world was given an amazing little book called “Creative Visualization” by the late Shakti Gawain (1948 – 2018), who became quite well-known in the personal development field as a result of this book. After spending a lot of time studying eastern philosophy and various “New Thought” concepts, she condensed much of what she learned into what became the best-seller, “Creative Visualization” which continues to be a favorite among students of personal development  to this day.

So, what is visualization?

Or, for our purposes, what is creative visualization? While you will learn a great deal more about creative visualization techniques  in the pages here at, Shakti Gawain puts it best in this concise sentence: “Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life“ (Gawain, 2).

As you will see as you continue to explore the pages on visualization techniques, you will be encouraged to use your imagination! And that’s quite a lot of fun!

Thoughts are Things (So they say)

One of the oft-repeated “mantras” for using Law of Attraction and creative visualization techniques is that “thoughts are things.” Every thought you think emits a frequency – or “vibration,” or “energy.”

Just as when you actually speak a word, you send it from your physical body, out into the ether, where your spoken word is received by your companion’s ears, where he or she absorbs your word, and then responds to it, your actual thoughts behave in a similar fashion.

Obviously, you don’t see or hear your thought, but you have put it “out there” nonetheless.

Every “thing” that is currently here on earth began with a “thought.” All inventions begin with someone thinking about a concept or idea of how to do or make something. For example, have you seen some of the infomercials on TV where you saw some gadget and thought to yourself, “Gee… why didn’t I think of that?”

the idea!You’ll notice that you used the word “think.” Someone, somewhere, was doing a job, and thought something like, “there has to be a better or easier way to do this…” and then somehow an idea came to him or her… and one thing (commitment to the idea) led to another (taking action) which led to the invention and selling a gajillion of them from a TV infomercial (success)

To put a spiritual bent on this, one of my favorite examples of this is from Ernest Holmes’ “The Science of Mind.” Here he writes that “when we conceive new ideas, it is an act of the Divine projecting Itself into Creation.” He goes on to use the example of the invention of the airplane: “There were no flying machines until man make them. The Spirit did not have a lot of little flying machine models put away in a cosmic cupboard somewhere…” (Holmes, 273).

More on this later.

Thought and Thought Frequencies

Now, the idea behind using thought, and law of attraction techniques to manifest those things that you desire is largely based in creating the right “thoughts” at the right “frequency” that will be received and responded to at a corresponding level in the Universe, which will return to you the “guidance,” if you will, that will spur you toward the right action which will in turn help you to realize your goal.

If you think about how radio works, it will help you to understand this concept better – and I’ll share with you some interesting passages from some of my favorite books which will help you along our journey together here.

But, using our invention/infomercial example from above, you can bet that the person behind that gadget was not wishy-washy about the idea of creating the gadget. That person had a very, very strong feeling about the idea. I will guarantee you that emotions were highly charged as he or she went about making that product. (Remember this point, because it’s one of the keys to success.)

So, where do the problems lie for most people?

Now, the problem often occurs when someone says, “Well, I DID think those good thoughts! I DID picture what I wanted! And nothing happens! This just doesn’t work for me! So much for MY personal transformation!”

My friend, I am going to reveal something here that may surprise you, but guess what? If that is truly how you feel, then it DID work!

Is it THOUGHTS or FEELINGS that “Become Things?”

You see, one thing that many people fail to understand as they begin the process of applying various law of attraction tools and techniques, or various creative visualization tools or techniques, is that they need to raise their emotional vibration and put the right emotion into the thought.

Did you read that last sentence? If you read nothing else on this entire website, I urge you to re-read that last sentence. It’s important, and will be an integral part of all the tools and techniques we discuss from here on in (for example, you’ll learn a great deal about the conscious vs subconscious mind, along with other concepts).

This is because how you feel, deep in your heart, is directly related to the type of energy or frequency you are emitting. If you keep affirming, “I AM earning $100 per day… I AM earning $100 per day” over and over, but in your heart you are fearing the day’s mail and bills, then your feelings and emotions just aren’t in it.

Your feelings and emotions will trump your words every time.

Because in the “back of your mind” you still have fear rather than confidence and faith.

And since you have the fear of the debt or financial difficulty winning the emotional battle, life will continue to bring that which you fear.

So, in that sense, the “law” DID respond. It responded to your emotions and feelings.

We will discuss all of this, as well as what you can do to turn this around, inside these pages. You will also discover some of the tools that I have personally used successfully, which can help you as well.


My COMMITMENT to ACT and SUCCEEDNow that I have introduced you to some of the concepts we’re going to be covering on this website, I’d like to talk about one more thing that I touched on earlier, when I discussed the inventor and the infomercial gadget: Commitment, Action, and THEN Success! (And remember, it was backed by strong emotion!) 

Besides not thinking correctly, what else seems to stop most people from getting those things they want? One of the things that comes up over and over again in conversations with people who have come to me in the past (especially as it related to career advice, which was a specialty of mine at the time) was feeling like they didn’t know WHAT to do to begin with.

Then, if they DID know what to do, they felt like they couldn’t follow through – lack of commitment because of a lack of inspired motivation in many cases.

Naturally, if they couldn’t commit to going forward, they couldn’t take any sustained action. And, if they had no commitment, followed by no action, doesn’t it follow that they wouldn’t see the success that they wanted?

Whether it was about their jobs or career progress, or about their relationships (which I’ve heard plenty about… believe me), or their health or whatever was their biggest sticking point, it almost always seemed to boil down to a confusion over what they want to begin with, and a lack of commitment and follow through.

It is my goal that the information presented throughout this website will:

1)      help inspire you to commit to finding out what it is you really want, and commit to taking appropriate and hopefully inspired action,

2)      help guide you towards the practices and tools that are the right fit for you regarding moving you forward to what you want,

3)      help you understand that if you can allow the Universe to do its part while you work in harmony with it (that is, without trying to force results the way you think they should come), that  you will then see and feel the success that can truly be yours.

Thank you for visiting! Now it’s time to dive in!

PS: If you want to see a small log of law of attraction manifestation stories, I’m compiling them HERE.

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