Coupons and Deals

Hi! I noticed that a bunch of the great products and services I write about occasionally offer readers discounts, and so I decided to add this page where you can access the savings when these deals come about! I’ll be making sure that the deals work before posting them.

I buy a lot of personal development tools myself, so any time there is an opportunity to save money, I like to do so – and I thought that you would, too! Thank you for your support of this site!

Wholetones Promo Code


I’ve purchased 2 different Wholetones products, and the promo code DOES work! Try it! This is the beautiful healing music created in Solfeggio frequencies by Grammy Award winning musician Michael Tyrrell. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Michael offers a 365 day guarantee that is pretty hard to beat! I personally LOVE my Wholetones (I have the CDs, “Sound of Healing” book, AND his new “Wholetones 2 Go, Generation 2” speaker that I take from room to room with me. Give it a try!

Coupons and Deals
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