Audio Enlightenment

Tapes and CDs from my own collectionHi! How’s everything going for you today? I was just thinking about some of the stuff we’ve been discussing here on the site, and all the books I’ve been referencing, and it occurred to me that you might enjoy actually listening to some wonderfully uplifting and motivating audio enlightenment.

Sometimes, while I’m working, I’ll play motivational audio books in the background, or I’ll listen to famous motivational speakers. I love it!

Some years ago, I stumbled onto the term “Automobile University.” Evidently, it was a term coined by the late Zig Ziglar. He motivated millions of people (including yours truly) throughout his long career as a motivational speaker, and he encouraged people to make use of every moment. What he meant by “Automobile University” was that if you were commuting back and forth to work each day, you had a specific chunk of time where you could be learning something by popping in a tape or CD and listening to it while you were driving.

I’ve been a “student” of Automobile University for many years, now, and we always have something in the car with us to listen to on our drives. And, the habit crossed over into the rest of my day as well.

So, as I thumbed through a box of my materials this morning, I found part of my collection of older tapes and CDs (see the photo!), and was thinking of listening to one of them today. Then, I had the idea of listening to someone whose tapes or CDs I DON’T have, and decided to tap into some videos instead.

Well, I came across a treasure trove of uplifting videos that I’m going to post in the pages here in this section of the website. What I’ll do is devote a page to each teacher, give you some background on him or her, and then add a video that you can enjoy.

What better way to start or end a day (or what better way to spend a short break)!

Think of the benefits of just sitting back and listening to someone reading something to you – sharing some ancient wisdom, spiritual inspiration, or success techniques. I believe that you and I have quite a bit in common in that I feel we both benefit emotionally and spiritually when we feed our brains with positive and inspiring words.

Zig Ziglar - Motivational CDs and "A View From the Top"And, we need this type of encouragement and inspiration a lot. You can be completely in the flow for a while, and then BAM! Something happens and you get thrown off. Sometimes (at least for me), all it takes is a few minutes with one of the masters to pick me up again. And, I’m not alone in feeling that this is effective. One of my absolute favorite quotes from Zig is, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

I recall laughing when I first heard him say that, but it really is true! Has it not been true for you at times? Like, if you were feeling a little blue or down in the dumps, and you felt like you needed to hear a little pep-talk from a friend? This has DEFINITELY happened to me – and it’s happened to some of my friends, where my phone will ring and I’ll hear, “Hi Kath, I’m glad you’re home. I just needed to talk to someone for a while…” And then, once we talk for a while, my friend feels better – and, by the way, so do I, because I helped a friend! So, it’s win-win!

It’s the same thing when we listen to some audio enlightenment as far as I’m concerned. I don’t always have the original book of someone who I’d like to “hear from,” and even if I do happen to have the book, sometimes I just don’t have a lot of time to sit and read. I love reading inspirational and motivational stuff, but for some reason, there are times when I just want to hear it. Well, today was one of those days, which was what inspired me to write this page and begin this section of!

After all, I did promise to help give you an EDGE with great tools to help you COMMIT, ACT, and SUCCEED, right?

Anyway, I cannot tell you how excited I am right now! Well… maybe you can pick it up in the way I’m writing. 🙂

So, why don’t we start off this section of audio enlightenment with some of the work of Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of my favorite teachers and from whom I’ve learned a great deal about the subconscious (subjective) mind. I’ll write about him a bit more later in this section. But for now, enjoy this clip called “Joseph Murphy, Miracles of Your Mind.”

And if you’re at all interested in the incredible number of audio books you can have access to,

they are right at!

Have a wonderful day!