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Goals vs Objectives - This handbook explains this!

Welcome to – your source for great tools to help you learn how to change your life for the better.

Since you’re here, it’s probably safe to say that SOMETHING has to change for you. You and I haven’t met personally, but I’ll bet I have some ideas of what you want to change and/or improve in your life since I’ve been there myself.

=> Do you need help making & attaining goals?
=> Do you need to get a handle on your finances?
=> Do you hunger for the perfect relationship?


Goal Setting: Do you need some help setting and attaining your goals? I just wrote a book, which you can read about here: Personal Goal Setting Strategies (or you can just buy it here – it’s just $14.95!). I loved writing it, and hope you enjoy reading (and applying) it!

Personal Goal Setting Strategies: A Guide to Understanding & Planning Goals & Objectives

Personal Goal Setting Strategies: A Guide to Understanding & Planning Goals & Objectives


Guided Meditation: Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping is really fun and enlightening. Click Here for my Quantum Jumping Review – OR Just check it out for yourself HERE at

Vision Board Software: If you are looking for vision boards (particularly easy-to-use, online/digital vision board software), Click Here for my “Mind Movies” review – OR – Just visit the official site here:

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If you are the type who likes to read and learn about concepts in more depth, I have that, too. Any of the tools and articles you see in the menus to the right or above offer a lot of information that covers a lot of years worth of learning and applying.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, so what you read here is going to reflect that. DIG IN! And WELCOME! 🙂

What Is Personal Transformation?

The day dawns, from my office window

Before we address the question of what is personal transformation…

Let me explain how and why we came up with the idea of a website devoted to your personal transformation.

I love self help topics, and have used a good number of powerful products that have helped to change my own life. And I decided to share my experiences.

So, if you want to get right to the meat of that, check out my products page here.

Now… when deciding the best way to describe the central theme of, we kicked around numerous ideas. Sure, we knew we had come across some of the most powerful tools on the planet to help give you the “edge” so you could make a commitment to take action so you could realize success in your lives. But for what primary purpose?

Somehow, using the words, “self-development,” “self-help” or “self-improvement” just didn’t resonate with me. These terms seemed terribly inadequate to describe something so powerful.

The idea: Learn how to change your life for the better. This has been a driving force for me. I always wanted more from and for myself…

Then, in a moment of clarity after spending a few minutes in a specific visualization exercise (which I’ll introduce you to elsewhere on this site), it was like I heard a couple of words whispered to me – soft at first, then louder: Personal Transformation.

It was truly a profound moment for me, and I kind of had to sit down and stare out the window for a few moments and repeat the words… “personal transformation” and let them take shape in my head. (By the way, the picture above  is the very view I was looking out at…)

I knew that this was the right theme, and here I’ll explain why, along with what the term means to me. I hope it will equally resonate with you as well.  Click Here to Read More »

Is the Law of Attraction a Bunch of Hoopla?

Commit - Act - SucceedWelcome to a site for Personal Transformation! Here’s an Introduction…

I want to put this introduction here because every single thing that I have mentioned below is something that I have personally felt and gone through. Every single thing. So, at the risk of putting my heart entirely on my sleeve, I’m sharing this with you just in case you may feel  the same in one or more areas. Here goes…

You’re here at because you want a better life, or more to your life than you currently experience. Perhaps you have heard about the “Law of Attraction,” and you’re wondering if it’s for real (for one thing) or how it could possibly work (for another thing).

Maybe you’re curious about various visualization and/or manifestation techniques so that you can do more, get the things you want, and get more out of life in general.  Click Here to Read More »